Monday, November 23, 2009

short week

Not really a whole lot to say for this week just going to code around till' the holidays. happy holidays everyone

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  1. Hey I really like the swf file that you uploaded to your wiki. It's really good. You learn fast! For some reason, though, I can't access your blog page from your wiki (I can only access your blog from your school's User Gallery). Work with some of your classmates or ask Mr. Turbanic how to get that fixed so that people can click on your blog from your actual personal wiki page.

    Please keep blogging, writing good learning log entries (the three learning logs you've entered could be a little bit more descriptive regarding what you learned, the game/s you played, what you liked/didn't like, how you might use similar game mechanics for your game, etc..), and uploading files to your wiki. These are really important Web 2.0 tools that you and other students in Globaloria have the opportunity to utilize and master Zach. It would be great if you would help me and Mr. Turbanic ensure that all of your classmates do the same.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving! I look forward to to reading your blogs after the break to see how you like the mini-game project that you'll be going through soon. And I'm looking forward to when your class divides up in to teams, comes up with team game concepts, and you start your paper prototypes and game designs.


    David Lowenstein
    State Director, Globaloria WV